The Douglaston & Little Neck Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the unique character of Douglaston and Little Neck.

The Society was formed in January of 1989 with these goals:

  1. Creation of New York City Landmark DistrictsThe Society has already obtained New York City Landmark District status for Douglas Manor (1906) and seeking this same status for Douglaston Hill (1853). Douglaston Hill was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 and is currently seeking New York City Landmark status.
  2. A Permanent Historic CollectionThe Society is accumulating a collection of historic photos, maps, blueprints, drawings and artifacts. The collection now includes more than 300 historic photographs, many donated by local residents. A permanent place to house the collection and to display the exhibition is being sought.
  3. EducationThe Society seeks to increase public awareness of the importance of Douglaston's architecture, planning and social history, through public forums, exhibitions and published material. The exhibition, "The Environment of the American Dream - The Garden Suburb at Douglaston," was co-sponsored by the Municipal Art Society, and shown at the Urban Center in 1991.
  4. ResearchIn 1991, the Society hired a team of historians to document and research the development and social history of the adjacent Douglas Manor and Douglaston Hill districts. This research, along with historic and contemporary photos and maps will be used to make a book on Douglaston.
  5. Renovations, Additions and New Construction in the Proposed DistrictIn promoting the preservation of Douglaston's historic neighborhoods, the Architecture Committee of the Society provides residents with information on preserving, restoring and sensitivly rehabilitating their homes. A team of architects will counsel residents on design solutions for planned renovations, additions, or new construction, free of charge.