Neighborhood Highlights

The Little Neck School Annex

The Early Schools

PS 32 Annex, (1910/1920)

Located in Catherine Turner Richardson Park, at 42nd Avenue and Douglaston Parkway. This school was a branch of PS 32 located at Little Neck Parkway and Lakeville Road. It was established to serve the growing Douglaston community.

PS 32 Annex - 1910/1920
PS 98 (Provisional) (1920/1931)

Continuing growth required a move from the Annex to this building. Located on the present site of PS 98, (Douglaston Parkway and Willow Street). It had been the previous home of Clinton Van Vleit, an executive with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.

PS 98 (Provisional) - 1920/1931
PS 98
PS 98